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This is an interesting post. What people often overlook is the fact that folks like Google have the ability to offer 2GB of space just because they dont have over 150 million registered users. You can do the math, if Yahoo has 200 million registered users and they want to offer 2GB of space and then they want to offer space for Briefcase, Photos, Flickr the problem becomes one of scale.

What I have heard is that Yahoo could be looking at over 100 terabytes of storage space which is not cheap!

Roger Binns

I do some open source software that helps move contacts on and off phones. I have twice asked Yahoo via their online contact info in the addressbook area for how to talk to their address book. Yes, I really want to help users get information off their phones and into Yahoo. After an automated reply, I was just ignored. Now contrast that with what Google do ...

Shantanu Oak

5,000 entries in the addressbook is really a big number. An average user will never reach that limit. But what really matters is that there is no way to pay money to increase that limit. When Yahoo was offering just 4 MB disk space for e-mails, there was an option to pay and get the limit increased to 1 GB. Yahoo groups offer an excellent utility called "online Database", but again the limit of x number of columns, x number of rows allowed makes it useless for any serious work.


In your profile page, u said that you worked as an analyst for Yahoo, maybe thats the reason for your praise.


"over 100 terabytes of storage space which is not cheap!"

Yeah, it is now. My last job was considering a 12T SAN for ~100k GBP. You're only looking at 1M GBP for 100T (including overhead for racks, etc.) That was a terribly expensive solution too. You could do 100T on the ultra-cheap for ~250k GBP total.

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