Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Sunil Chhaya

Wireless data is way too expensive for retail customers, as I think most of the wireless data plans are targeted towards business customers. At $25/month, I feel I'm one of the lucky ones who has unlimited GSM/GPRS data access from AT&T. New Cingular Plans start at 25 bucks / 5MB and go all the way to 50 for unlimited, which I think is a ripoff. 50 bucks for what? And may be EDGE-enabled phones (I have a SonyEricsson P900) have even any use for higher bandwidth plans. For lower bandwidth, the usage is very limited. So, the bottom line is, pricey plans and pricey phones that can use these plans, not to mention spotty coverage - make the wireless apps not much of anything. Because of all this, and the generally backward mentality of US telcos, mobile content is in a disarray. Add to the fact that the providers want to control how people access the mobile portals, and you've got a complete mess. Funny thing is that not even the upstarts like T-Mobile want to do anything about this to differentiate themselves from the fat, dumb and happy big boys.

Vivek Rai

1.Mobile to PC (SMS Ok)
2.PC to Mobile (SMS Fail)

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