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A Wall Streeter for over 20 years, former partner at Goldman Sachs, and founder of its Internet Research effort in 1994, Michael has been living online since the early days of CompuServe in the 80s and AOL in the '90s.

Michael helped build the Internet Research effort at the firm, which eventually comprised of many analysts covering major internet segments around the world.

Michael was the lead research analyst for the IPOs of Internet companies like UUNET, Yahoo!, eBay, DoubleClick, Webex, Real Networks, Exodus, Equinix, amongst many other pioneering companies, as well as covering companies like America Online and Netscape. He was an Institutional Investor ranked analyst for several years.

His focus spanned Internet sectors from software, access, infrastructure, and wireless to online commerce and content companies worldwide.

Michael started his career at Goldman Sachs, developing the firm's equities business in the Middle East, with high net worth family offices and sovereign wealth funds.

He got his MBA at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1982, and BSc at Auburn University in 1980. He joined Goldman Sachs & Co. in 1982.

A native of India, Michael, aka Mukesh, grew up in the middle east., coming to the US in 1977 for college.

Michael serves on various advisory boards of start-up internet companies.

As an active investor, he is focused on both private and public, technology-driven opportunities.

People ask what IT stands for in "MP on IT"...
well it stands for many things, including,

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Information Technology
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Interesting Trends
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International Trends
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Investing, Internet, Media, Technology, Gadgets, Books, Arts, Photography and curiosity about most things small, large, significant or otherwise, obvious or not that have been, or are in the process of or indubitably will be affected and changed by the Internet. Oh, and did I mention I was passionate about the Internet, Technology and Gadgets (broadly defined)? Despite my background, this blog is not an investment blog. Nothing on this blog should be construed as investment advice. The opinions expressed here are mine alone, and are meant to encourage on-going discussions on a wide range of issues, technology and otherwise.