Thursday, September 21, 2006


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This is a bit late but it looks like while I have been away, WSJ reported on rumors of an MA conversation between Yahoo! and Facebook, with a price tag around $1b. There is much conversation on the topic in [Read More]


Yaser Anwar


You're right Yahoo does have a lot on its plate at the moment. Yahoo's recent fall in stock price has hurt its ability to finance a mammoth acquisition as Facebook.

Viacom, Yahoo & MSFT are now looking to quickly catch up to NWS & GOOG, so I'm worried that they may overpay for Facebook and it may not be a great ROI. My other worry is; the once coveted facebook among college students (like myself) will soon become diluted and out of sync, just like www.hi5.com

That being said, the future does look bright. With a 150 mil deal with MSFT, Facebook has proved that it can monetize the site. The recent announcement of opening up to the general public will only propel its audience.

Yaser Anwar

In an interview with FT, Time Warner CEO, Dick Parsons said that companies planning to acquire Facebook or YouTube will have to take a “big leap of faith” because of valuations close to $1 billion.

Quite similar to what I said the other day. There was a nice image on Paul Kedrosky's blog, about how Venture Investing in 06 was greater than 01-05 deals combined.

Could this be a bubble? Only time will tell but the characteristics of this boom are quite similar to a bubble.

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